april 12th ᭡ she!her ᭡ aries ᭡ intp-t

BYF ᎒ i seldomly use swear words, i often type in all-caps, i use emojis and keyboard smashes most of the time, i mostly talk about nct, i'm a boy group stan, my dm replies are usually very late, i joke a lot and get sarcastic with people i'm close with

DNI ᎒ basic dni, support sasaeng/akgae behavior, toxic stan, nct anti, ot5/ot6/ot9 dreamzen, dry/small talker, if you infantilize/sexualize idols

YAY ᎒ nct, nctzens, my everything by nct u, bunnies, rainy and cold weather, blankets and pillows, ruby, louis, leon, bella, daegal

NAY ᎒ nctzens, hot weather, math, exercising, bugs, dry and small talks, school

PLEASE TW ᎒ deep bodies of water, deep sea creatures, any form of self-harm/suicide, eating disorders, gore, jumpscares, any form of abuse, snakes, spiders.

my sun, moon, and all my stars;